Frontier Player Development League

Posted on September 05, 2018 BY Simon Boddison

Frontier Player Development League logo

The club started it's first weekend of competition within the new Frontier Player Development League at Lents Family Park hosting Oklahoma Energy FC and came away with some very positive results being undefeated after six games.

The US Youth Soccer National League Frontier Player Development League is under the banner of the Frontier Conference, one of 13 Conferences under the US Youth Soccer National Leagues Program in the Multi-State Tier. The Frontier Player Development League consists of teams primarily from Oklahoma, North Texas and South Texas. 

The Frontier Player Development League (FPDL) is composed of member clubs who have a U.S. Soccer Girls Development Academy (DA) program. The FPDL is a pilot program league developed to address the needs of the Girls Development Academy Clubs within the Frontier Conference, namely, player pool depth, staffing and college recruiting.


2006        Won 1-0 (Skylar Grutkowski)
2005        Won 2-0 (Lauren Littleton, Peyton Wilkerson)
2004        Tied 0-0
2003        Tied 2-2 (Montserrat Castillo, Jordan Porter)
2002        Won 2-0 (Victoria Davis, Leah Sanchez)
2001        Tied 2-2 (Emma Ebert, Lauren Hermosa)
Total:       W3 - T3


"For our first game I thought we came out strong. We had a lot of chances but couldn’t finish some of them. We executed our set pieces well and I was able to finish a header off a corner."  Emma Ebert, U19 FPDL.


“It was great to see our teams get off to a strong start in the first weekend of FPDL games going undefeated against Oklahoma City Energy FC.  All the hard work the players and staff have put in the last four weeks definitely paid off and the level of competition and soccer played was impressive.”  Darron Rush, Director of Coaching - Frontier Player Development League.

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Dash South 05 PA - Regionals

Posted on June 19, 2018 BY Simon Boddison


Pictured above: Dash South 05 PA

 The Dash South 05 PA recently returned having competed in the U13 National Cup at the regional level staged in Tulsa, OK.  Four games were played (five team bracket) and the team was made up from players from the North, South and Beaumont areas.
Coach: David DeVerteuil
Assistant Coach: Kevin Wilkinson
Team: Dash South 05 PA
Record: W2-L1-T1
Placement: Runners Up
Team Members:  Nicoline Veasey, Gia Kurp, Sophie Cammon, Caroline Cammon, Madelynn Murphy, Dylan Ehlers Jessica Hinojosa, Monica Sitachitta, Alicia Audu, Melina Hickel, Malak Soliman, Payton Wilkerson, Ashlynn Neireiter & Brenya Tyson.
"All the players came from different locations within the club, but everyone played together and had an amazing run at Regionals in Tulsa. I am extremely proud to coach them all for Dash 05 PA".  David DeVerteuil, Head Coach, Dash South 05 PA.
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Dynamo South 02 PA & 00/99 PA - State Cup Success 2018

Posted on May 31, 2018 BY Simon Boddison
hdy south 02 pa
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Dynamo Woodlands 02 PA II Win Regional State Cup 2018

Posted on May 29, 2018 BY Simon Boddison

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 1.25.45 PM

Picture above - Dynamo Woodlands 02 PA II beat Crush FC 3-2 this last weekend at Burroughs Park on Saturday with a winning goal in the last minute by Eddie Winstanley. Two goals were also scored by Noah Foulkes. The team will now advance to play in the South Central Regional Finals in Tulsa, OK on June 15-18, 2018.  

The champions of this event will further advance to the National Cup Finals in July.


Team: PedroRomero, Nathan Stephens (GK), Christian Pavon, Cuauhtemoc Vazquez, Noah Foulkes, Emiliano Plaza, Dayton Hyde, Lucas Thoma, Sam Roberts, Santiago Vazquez, Sebastian Plaza, Tomas Cabrales, Trey Harrison, Chandler Lanier & Eddie Winstanley.

Coach:  Kieran Savage
Manager: Diego Cabrales

"Congratulations to Coach Kieran Savage and all the players for their tremendous spring season finishing with a great result this last Saturday.  Every member played their part in gaining this prestigious qualification and we wish the team the very best in the next stage of competition."  Nigel Vaughan, Director of Coaching - Senior Boys.



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Dash South 04 Pre-Academy National State Cup Champions 2018

Posted on May 23, 2018 BY Simon Boddison


The club is very proud to announce that the Dash South 04 Pre-Academy just completed a tremendous weekend in the National State Cup finishing top of their group with seven (7) points.  They advance to the US Club National in Aurora, Colorado (July 12-16).  The team was comprised of players from the South - North - Beaumont.

Spring Cup 2018

Overall Record:  W2-T1-L0

Team Members:  Payton Hurst, Jordan Losh, Kayla  Moody, Maya Palitz, Cameryn Peter, Maya Pomeroy, Avery Pyle, Rylee  Robinson, Cadence Sanders, Olivia Schmidt, Ashley Washburn, Mable Pruter, Kathryn Lennon, Reaghan Thompson, Ryleigh Thompson, Kendle Repa, Yasmin Jackson, Madison Rich, Emma Salvaggio, Kara Canetti.

"Recognition goes to the players, Dash City Program and the coaching staff involved in putting together this team to help them win and progress to the US Nationals.  We are very proud of their accomplishment and look forward to competing in Colorado."  David DeVerteuil, Assistant Executive Director / Director of Coaching - Girls South.




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Spring Success 2018

Posted on May 20, 2018 BY Simon Boddison

The following teams across the club have produced some outstanding results during the spring season.

Spring Success 2018

Picture above:  Dash South 07 PA Champions - A Bracket.
"I am very proud of the girls USC champions for both Fall and Spring seasons."  Coach Steve Williams, Head Coach Dash South '07 PA.

USC Bracket Champions - Boys:

  • Dynamo Woodlands 02 PA II - A Bracket 
  • Dynamo 02 Academy – A Bracket (playing in 99/00)
  • Dynamo Kingwood 06 Orange I – B Bracket
  • Dynamo South 02 Orange - B Bracket
  • Dynamo Lake Jackson 03 Orange - C Bracket 
  • Dynamo Woodlands 07 Orange I – C Bracket
  • Dynamo Woodlands 99 Blanco – C Bracket
  • Dynamo Kingwood 06 Orange II – D Bracket
  • Dynamo South 03 Black - D Bracket
  • Dynamo West 05 Orange – D Bracket
  • Dynamo Woodlands 08 PA – D Bracket (playing in 07)
  • Dynamo South 07 Black - E Bracket
  • Dynamo Montgomery 06 Black – G Bracket
  • Dynamo Woodlands 07 White I – G Bracket
  • Dynamo Kingwood 07 Orange II – H Bracket

USC Bracket Champions - Girls:

  • Dash South 07 PA - A Bracket
  • Dash Beaumont 03 - A Bracket
  • Dash Woodlands 06 PA I – A Bracket (playing in 05)
  • Dash West 02 Orange – A Bracket
  • Dash Woodlands 06 PA I – A Bracket (playing in 05)
  • Dash South 04 Orange - B Bracket
  • Dash Kingwood 07 Orange I – B Bracket
  • Dash Woodlands 02 Orange – B Bracket
  • Dash Kingwood 00 – B Bracket
  • Dash West 06 Orange I – B Bracket
  • Dash Woodlands 08 PA – C Bracket (playing in 07)
  • Dash Woodlands 06 Orange II – C Bracket
  • Dash Montgomery 03 Orange – C Bracket
  • Dash Woodlands 07 Orange I – D Bracket
  • Dash West 06 Orange II – D Bracket
  • Dash West 06 Orange II – D Bracket
  • Dash Woodlands 09 PA – E Bracket (playing in 07)
  • Dash West 06 Orange III – E Bracket
  • Dash Beaumont 08 Orange – F Bracket (playing in 07)

Teams Advancing to State Cup Finals - Boys

  • Dynamo Woodlands 04B PA - National Cup
  • Dynamo Woodlands 03B PA - National Cup
  • Dynamo Woodlands 02B PA I - National Cup
  • Dynamo Woodlands 02 PA II - Regional Cup
  • Dynamo Beaumont 02 - Regional Cup
  • Dynamo South 03 PA - NPL in San Diego
  • Dynamo South 02 PA - National Cup
  • Dynamo South 01 PA - Regional Cup
  • Dynamo South 99 PA - Regional Cup

Teams Advancing to State Cup Finals - Girls

  • Dash South 04 PA - National Cup
  • Dash South 02 PA - National Cup
  • Dash South 01 PA - National Cup
  • Dash Woodlands 02 PA - Regional Cup
  • Dash Woodlands 01 PA - National Cup U18/19

Other Team Success:

  • Dynamo Woodlands 01BPA - Qualified for US Clubs NPL

Huge congratulations go to all of our Dynamo | Dash teams who have made our first year an exceptional one!  We especially would like to congratulate the following teams for their hard work and commitment to excellence in achieving success with their teams in the USC this spring. We look forward to working with all these teams in the fall.”  Stuart Fitzsimons, Director of Coaching - Competitive.



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Copa Lonestar Tournament Success

Posted on February 21, 2018 BY Simon Boddison

The following teams travelled to San Antonio, TX to compete in the Copa Lonestar Tournament, February 17-18 and came out winning the event within their respective age group / bracket.

Copa Lonestar 2018.png

Team Name:  Houston Dash Woodlands 04 Orange
Team Coach:  Stuart Taylor
Record:  W4-T0-L0
“The girls really impressed me this weekend. They were excellent examples of what the coaching staff want to see from a Houston Dash Youth team on and off the field.”  Stuart Taylor, Head Coach, Dash Woodlands 04 Orange
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