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Posted on April 16, 2021 BY Simon Boddison

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The club continues to be recognized for developing elite players (41) that have been selected for national team events (games, camps & virtual meetings). Congratulations to the three latest players above that have been invited to attend.  

"It's extremely rewarding to see Danielle, Ellen and Laney being selected and recognized for their hard work" said Dave Dengerink, Director of Player Development. "We continue to provide a very competitive training and game day environment along with first class facilities for our elite players to excel, be challenged and potentially get selected for their respective national team events."

Danielle Shannon *USA 2021
Ellen Persson *USA 2021
Laney Gonzales *USA 2021
Isabella Hollenbach **USA  2021
Sydnie Thibodeaux **USA  2021
Ava Shannon **USA  2021
Ana Sofia Cedeno *USA 2021
Sarah Shelburne *USA 2021
Gillian Wilson USA 2020
Steven Hunsburger Panama 2020
Gabriella LaFuente Bolivia 2019
Halle Dixon USA 2019
Josiah Duenas Guam 2019
Kris Fernandez Guam 2019
Makaela Abam Cameroon 2019
Bubacarr Jobe Gambia 2018
Cesar Cordova USA 2018
Cesar Onut Romania 2018
Emily Alvarado Mexico 2018
Jazmin Grant Jamaica 2018
Kimberly Rodriguez Mexico 2018
Koby Carr USA 2018
Samantha Estrada USA 2018
Alex Fetterley USA 2017
Kenedie St. Mary Trinidad & Tobago 2017
Salma Ghazal Jordan 2017
Sarah Piper USA 2016
Gabriel Hull USA (Paralympic) 2016 - Present
Christina Arteaga Mexico 2015
Gioviani Zavaletta El Salvador 2015
Kelsey Brann Mexico 2015
Cameron Phillips USA 2014
Danny Cabrera USA 2014
Kelly Rodriguez Mexico 2014
Colton Stanley USA 2013
Diego Coca El Salvador 2012
Eduardo Mira El Salvador 2012
Robert Hernandez USA 2012
Kekuta Manneh USA 2012
David Parra Venezuela 2007
Osvaldo Chavez USA 2005

* Virtual Meetings

** Regional Identification Center



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